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Eli hagage.

you can find our network cabling work on lots of forums in edmonton
We do IT for accounting company's army navy and many more
we do all windows soft where you have servers any server heard where or soft where We know how to fix or rebuild we can build websites &
host we can build programs for your need we do security cam security card alarm any Thing to do with computer or technology we do and
we have it all and we know it all .

Data Voice Online Marketing

I would like to take this opportunity to put forward a formal recommendation for LiztechData. As a cabling company I have known LiztechData for approximately 8 years and feel that they are a responsible and capable candidate for your business program.

LiztechData started with our organization as an entry-level Data contractor service.
LiztechData demonstrated incredible innovation, and now does our web site and full IT services, making them part of the executive cabling management and IT team.

LiztechData leads by example and are enthusiastic dedicated and motivating.
LiztechData has worked hard to build a reliable relationship with us, and their efforts have created a happier and more productive team.

I believe LiztechData exhibits many of the qualities that are essential to any business manager and business IT’s.
I highly recommend LiztechData Cabling management for your programs.

Yours Truly,


Maxximat Inc.


Data Voice Online Marketing

Eli hagage

In my company I will look you in the eyes and tell you everything you need to know about my job if it's good or bad for me as boss I will like to get you to tell about us to other companies we want you to be proud of us In my business i did learned that i can meet very good people and that is what i looking for (my dad did tell my money is not everything in life you can't buy friends you earn them) that is 1 of my goal with new costumers every 1 that did have the chance to use us still in contact with us for upgrades or any questions .
No company sty after the job over to make sure that the costumer is happy with everything
that all the phone lines are in the spot the need to be WE DO. Let me tell you about myself
i am from Israeli i did come to Canada At 1998 got married at 1998 to the best Canadian woman We did get twins at feb 2000 start my company at 2004 did become Canadian citizen at 2005 i am proud Canadian love my country (Canada) that is all about me. About the way we work all i did want to do in Canada is to get my company to do what no company do is to get the best quality job for My costumer IT are Very happy that we did the job we did give them As build so they can see where is the lines go to i will try to keep my company on the best page as Much as i can and old down with the bad economy
in my jobs ME And my crew will put 110% and not 80% like outer companies do i will stand behind all the products we supply, every one of my guys is trained and know the parts we use it's not only the company is trained i did spend the recourse to send my guys to get trained so they get their own paper for them so as you can see we try to do everything we can to get our company different from any one of them out there, we did see outer jobs
We did get call to fix outer companies jobs, we have all the training for fibre optic and copper we are Microsoft partner so we know all The Microsoft programs out there we can VPN your bushiness around the country or outside the country. We do what we love to do, every one of my guys love what they do, the work here not only for the money, in my company we all 1Big family we all have say about every Thing in there mind my guys are important to me like my own, without them i have no company, They work very hard and make me proud so i will do everything they need


Data Voice Online Marketing

TD LAWN & GARDEN PRODUCTS To: Whom It May Concern, Regarding: LizTech Data Communications Inc. TWD Lawn & Garden Products has been using the services of Eli Hagage, President of LizTech Data Communications Inc. since early 2004 till present (06/04/12). During this time we have always retained Eli to maintain and service all of our wiring and networking needs, as well as the installation of all our voice lines, telephone system and also our current security system. Eli was instrumental in installing all the cabling, telephone and security systems in our previous building when we first moved in and we didn't hesitate to use his company again when we moved to our current location. Each relocation was in excess of 400 line drops per location (including both voice and data lines). We have continued to maintain a great working relationship with Eli and use him exclusively for all of our IT and technical support. Eli always maintains a very high standard of work quality for both himself and his employees. He is remarkably efficient and reliable, and his advice is always sound and practical. It is Eli's extensive knowledge of data communications and his forthright approach to business that have gained Eli our trust and loyalty. We highly recommend anyone to use LiztechData for their cabling and IT support needs. Please feel free to contact myself at 1800-565-8432 ext. 224 if you require any additional information. Sincerely, Ken Chapman General Manager TWD Lawn & Garden Products 12340 — 184 Street, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada T5V 0A5 Phone: 780-452-8788 or 1-800-565-8432 Fax: 780-452-6141 of 1-888-969-2893


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